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Worried about leaving your plants when you go on holiday? 

It has a self-watering system so you don’t need to worry anymore!

Add more breath of life for plants!


EASY TO USE: Just insert it into the soil and fill it with water.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Transparent body to easily determine when it needs to be refilled. 

Durable, saving your time.

SELF-WATERING: Water is gradually released through terracotta when the plant needs water. 

You don’t worry about loose soil or nutrients.

CUTE BIRD SHAPE: This Bird stand-up design gets more water capacity, Upward-facing beak design makes filling water easy.

LONGER IRRIGATION: Once fill it can self-watering for up to 3-5 days (May vary due to plant type, size, environment, etc.).

You could relax and enjoy your holiday.


Color:Blue/ Orange/Green/Pink

Size:6.1inch/ 80ML

Type: self-watering spike

Materials: plastic and ceramic

Use and Tips:

* Just insert into the soil and fill with water (Once fill up can supply about 5-7 days);

* Please test its watering time before leaving for vacation;

* If the water seeps out too slowly, may the soil too compact, please till the soil; If the water seeps out too quickly, please take out the terra-cotta base, adjust the rubber ring inside the bird, and reattach the base, problem solved!

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