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Do you have trouble opening the door in a hurry then waking the sleeping baby, opening the door too hard, then damaging the walls, wardrobe doors, wallpaper, tiles, and more?

The door stopper is a new product that can both absorb the door and prevent a collision.

It is easy to install, non-perforated installation.

Buffering anti-collision design, which has the effect of cushioning mute effect.


☛ Easy to install – Clean the wall first, then install it on the door handle, easy to use.

☛ Silicone material – Quality assurance, healthy and environmentally friendly, thick and soft, no deformation.

High-quality Suitable for all kinds of wall surfaces, firm, and not easy to fall off.

☛ Wide range of uses – Applicable to the protection of walls in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, classrooms, etc., while also protecting tables, chairs, etc. from wear and tear.

Anti-vibration and noise reduction – Every time you open the door, the door handles are directly hit, the wall is damaged, and the noise is emitted.

The silicone material protects the new wall surface and effectively prevents noise.

☛ Widely Used – Apply to all kinds of wooden doors, titanium alloy doors, glass doors, bathroom doors, refrigerators, wardrobe doors, etc.

Whether it’s glass, tiles, metal surfaces, or smooth lime walls, you can use it.


Material: Environmentally friendly silicone

Color: White/Green/Blue/Pink/Yellow

Type: No punching

Main function: Anti-collision silencer

Size: 45*35*35mm/1.77*1.38*1.38″


5x Multifunctional mute door handle

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