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Makeup clutter causes frustration and wastes precious time during a morning routine.

Make your routine Quick and easy with Magic Cosmetics Pouch.

βœ” EASILY FIND WHAT YOU NEED –Β Digging through the constant clutter of your makeup bag is a thing of the past.

Magic Cosmetics PouchΒ spreads out completely flat allowing you to find what you need. When you need it.Β 

βœ” PACK UP INSTANTLY –Β Packing up all your products is no longer a chore.

Just place everything on the open makeup bag, and pull the strings to close. It really is that simple.Β 

βœ” EFFORTLESS CLEANING –Β We’ve all been there, you get a new makeup bag and within 2 days it looks 2 years old.

Magic Cosmetics Pouch fabric means minimal to no cleaning is needed!

βœ”Β PERFECT ON THE GOΒ –Β Makeup and traveling can be frustrating.

But Magic Cosmetics Pouch not only saves time but is made from shock and waterproof material which protects your expensive makeup.


Magic Cosmetics Pouch is a true game-changer when it comes to makeup bags!

The unique designΒ eliminates all your makeup frustrations.

That is why we createdΒ Magic Cosmetics PouchΒ We love makeup just as much as you but we wanted to create a new way of doing things.

Β The quick and easy fold-up design lets you see all your makeup at once, allowing you to grab exactly what you want in an instant.

Alleviating that painful process of endlessly searching for that one mascara.

Not only is it perfect as a normal makeup bag but its waterproof and shock-resistant material means it’s perfect for on-the-go travel as well!Β 

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup bag?

Well, you might want to know that 9/10 makeup bags contain harmful bacteria due to them not being washed or cleaned.

This is why we designedΒ Magic Cosmetics PouchΒ to be completely washing machine friendly, aΒ damp towel or cloth is all that’s needed to clean!

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