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“Cat-a-Tonic A Day, Keeps the Vets Away!”

A Healthy And Delicious

Treat For Your Fur Babies

In The Cutest Capsules!

How Does Cat-a-Tonic Help Your Kitty?

For indoor cats, especially, Cat-a-Tonic can be a very healthy addition to their lives.

The sedative effects of Cat-a-Tonic can really help calm cats down, reducing the effects of stress, anxiety, and depression, and catnip is highly recommended for use in cat shelters to help make cats more relaxed in an unfamiliar setting.

By ingesting Cat-a-Tonic (up to 40 licks per day), your indoor cats get a bit of the common nutrients found in catnips, they need to stay healthy than outdoor cats consume on their prowls.

Also, if your cat gets frisky when playing with Cat-a-Tonic, it can give them a bit more exercise to help keep them fit.

Cat-a-Tonic is 100% completely harmless for your cats and there’s no problem giving them multiple times a day – a legitimate daily dose of fun!


Feline stress can be from disruption of familiarity or routine

As soon as this routine is interrupted, it makes them anxious – in the same way, that we become a bit on edge when something in our life changes.

Go Away Stress, Cat-a-Tonic is Here!

Relaxes Your Cat

It acts as a natural calmer, producing a hyperactive effect.

Healthier Fur & Nail Growth

Cat-a-Tonic produces oxytocin, a hormone responsible for a cat’s overall health.

Cleaner Teeth & Smoother Ingestion

Cat-a-Tonic contains Nepeta Cataria, an ingredient to reduce stomach flatulence and prevent tartar build-ups.

Safe for Dogs

Let them enjoy the deliciousness too!

 Stress-Free Cat Is A Healthy Cat 👉 Less Visits The Vet 👉 More Savings For The Owner

100% Natural

0% preservatives with Goldfish Gelatin.

No More Mess

While normal catnip comes in powder, Cat-a-Tonic comes in cute wall-stick treats.

Super Glue Stick

Cat-a-Tonic can be stuck anywhere with its ultra-sticky adhesive.

Freshness Preserved

The plastic lid will control Cat-a-Tonic’s dose and keep it fresh!

Check Out These Purrfect Reviews!

“My cats love these! I bought only 1 at first to test it out but my 3 cats ended up fighting for it and I have to buy another 2. Just make sure to always put the plastic cap back on to control the doses or else they’ll be addicted to it, lol!”

Marie Elise, 34, Ohio

“The fellas look so cute licking the wall catnip I bought! I accidentally posted it a bit higher on my wall and Granger, our youngest furry baby, had to ‘stand’ on her hind legs a bit every time she went to lick it, haha! Sorry, Granger!”

Polly, 32, Memphis

“My 12-year old cat had been depressed for a while now and it has seriously affected his health. After I did some research, catnip can really improve their mood and their overall health. The usual catnip powder is messy, but after finding this wallop, it is like a godsend. Wally is actually being himself again! We’re so happy!”

Andre, 36, New York

“Bought 3 of them and it was the best decision I’ve made! My cat, Mario, has been vomiting endlessly even after a few visits to the vet. The doctor said that Mario was stressed but was not sure why. So I found this WallNip and tried it, and Mario turned to his old self again within minutes. Couldn’t be more grateful.”

Brandon, 41, New Jersey

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