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Get Every Drop Out of Most Botttles

You need Flip-It!

Tired of throwing away money on wasted products that won’t come out of your bottles? This clever solution makes it easy to get every drop of product out of your bottles – saving you time, money and making your life a lot easier!

What is Flip-It! Cap?

Fighting with bottles is now a thing of the past. Simply replace the existing cap or pump with Flip-It! and turn that bottle upside down. Open the push/pull valve and squeeze to get every drop without struggling.

Stop Throwing Your Products (And Money) Away

According to Consumer Reports, up to 50% of household products are WASTED because people can’t get them out of the bottle. But not with Flip-It! Cap. This simple solution makes it easy to get every drop and stop throwing away money on wasted product.

You’ll Love Flip-It! Cap’s Smart Design

Flip-It! Caps come with several adapters that insert into the Dispensing Stand, allowing it to fit almost every size bottle around the world. What’s more, it’s made of 100% BPA-Free, food grade materials… and even features a leak proof valve design!


▶Stand That Bottle Upside Down
Simply replace your bottle’s original cap OR pump with the patented Flip-It! Then open the valve to squeeze out every drop.

▶Great For Any Thick Liquid
Including Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Gels, BBQ Sauce, Condiments, Salad Dressing, Honey, Cleaning Products, Car Care Products, Adhesives and Lots More!

▶Fits Most Standard Bottles
Each kit comes with 3 sizes for different bottles! Commonly fit the most common sized bottles found around the world, including the ones in your home!

▶Save Time&Money
Quickly and neatly transfer liquids from one bottle to another. Getting every drop of product you paid for.

▶Washable And Reusable
Use Drops Squeezing in the Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry Room, Garage, Workshop, Office and More. It’s Food Safe, BPA Free, and Dishwasher Safe.

▶Good Design For Environmental
Reduces the number of bottles going into landfills and reducing pollution caused by oozing discarded waste.


Material:PP + ABS

Color:As Shown

Quantity:6Pcs/Set(2Pcs Per Size)


Package Include:

1 Set(6Pcs) * Inverted Stand Cap(Small*2 + Medium*2 + Large*2)

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